The “perfect Car of Great Britain”, according to a university professor

A psychologist from the English University of Stirling, has surveyed 2,000 british with the intent of recreating the perfect car Great Britain. The result is obvious, but it jumps really, because we had never seen something so scary. We do not know if for the English this is really your dream car, but let’s hope that the manufacturers do not make nor case.


The composition is amazing, incredibly ugly

The project consists in analyzing the reaction neuronal of the respondents to the sample of several images of cars. According to the studies, a part of our brain is stimulated by looking at a picture extremely attractive. A computer program captures the data and an algorithm is responsible for creating the image CGI of the perfect car.

we don’t know very well how it was set up the programme, or if at some time it failed, but the truth is that cost much to imagine that we are at the perfect car for the English, less if we take into account the passion for motorsport. But professor Peter Hancock, the manager of the study, says that this is so.

If you look at the photo carefully, not much isn’t going to be that we hipnotice, we see segments very recognized. For example, the front is clearly Aston Martin, the headlights are MINI, the rims are from the Range Rover Evoque, the doors of Roll-Royce, and the rear make up a Lamborghini Hurricane and a Triumph Spitfire. By the way, the mirrors are from a Citroen C4 Picasso. Here because yes we can’t stop laughing.

A composition as ridiculous as unmerciful and frightening. The lord sure Hancock is extremely proud of his study, but the truth is that no car lover, and no lover of aesthetics and proportion, we can hope that this “creature” comes to stepping on the asphalt. Now, Dr. Frankenstein sure that would give the OK to this development.

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