The permit BTP has disappeared but what will happen with those that still have it?

Permiso BTP

Since Spain entered the European Union, back in 1986, they have changed some things in the skin of a bull. The integration of socio-economic, labour, university and politics has been strengthened, and among them also he has had the driving licence. The free movement of people and goods by the states that make up the common area involves to harmonize standards, since all citizens have the same, or similar, documents.

With the passing of the years, the old driving licence in cardboard pink gave way to one in support card. The data were better collected and it was more difficult to falsificarlo. However, in Spain driving licences were very well defined in function of the type of vehicle are out to drive. One of the permissions that existed was the one destined to drive taxis, ambulances and other emergency vehicles, and school, the BTP.

What was the permission BTP?

According to the Royal Decree 818/2009, of 8 may, by which approves the General Regulation of Drivers, the carnet BTP enabled them tolead vehicles priority when operating in express service, vehicles that perform school transport when carrying school children, and vehicles intended for the passenger transport in service of such a nature, all of them with a maximum authorised mass not exceeding 3,500 kg, and their number of seats, including the driver, not exceeding nine”.

Permiso BTP

Before you disappear how it was obtained the carnet BTP?

Before it disappeared the permission BTP the applicant that I wanted to get it must meet two requirements inclusive but not exclusive. The first was have more than 18 years and the second count on more than a year of experience with the license B. Depending on if it met one or both of the exam to obtain the license would take one approach or the other. If you are presented only with the age requirement (18 years) and had no experience with the permit B, the examination for the BTP had a theoretical part and another practice.

If, on the other hand, there were more than 18 years and more than a year of experience with the license B, the test to obtain the BTP is limited to a test is a theoretical test of knowledge. To turn the way to get the carnet BTP could also be done by two ways. The first, and most logical, was to go to a driving school and the second and more risky (though no less effective) was to prepare on your own.

Ambulancia permiso BTP

training for to obtain the permission BTP for a driving school had advantages and disadvantages. The advantages were to receive the classes and material needed to obtain the license. The downside was paying for those classes, fees, and other add-ins training. On the opposite side you could get for free, but the student should look for the agenda or book to study, but thanks to the advent of the internet it was very easy. Opt for this mode of fuel actually reduced the license because you could save the classes, fees and other payments, but implied that the person concerned had to worry about all the administrative procedures.

once the interested party had prepared the agenda and had studied the necessary concepts for the real exam must take the next step. If I had chosen to train in a driving school you enrolled in the exam or if you had opted for the free way, I had to do it the interested in the delegation of Traffic in your city. Any way, the theoretical examination consisted of 20 multiple choice questions where you could commit a maximum of two errors. His difficulty was minimal (having studied logically) and if it was exceeded, it was the practice test in the event that necessary.

What has happened to the permit BTP has disappeared?

The integration in the European Union, who said at the beginning of this post, is that has forced the General Directorate of Traffic to remove this permission driving. None of the 27 (without Uk) countries of the common area, with the exception of Spain, had in his listing of driver licenses, one for taxis, emergency vehicles or transit to school. Therefore, following the adoption of the entry into force of the Single Permit for Driving in europe ” urged our country to remove it.

Microbus permiso BTP

According to the General Directorate of Traffic “the reason that justifies its removal is that the types of vehicles authorized to drive the category BTP may be conducted with other categories already contained in the Single Permit Community, from the entry into force of the regulatory amendment”. To do this, on the part of the Government of Spain will have to be modified to the General Regulation of Drivers.

The removal of a driving licence, BPT is run by a Royal Decree that includes the suppression of this license in Spain. In addition, you need to incorporate into our legal system Directive 2014/85/EU on driving licences (text with legal binding for the member countries of the European Union). The limit that the European Union had given to our country to make these changes was December 31, 2015.

With all permission BTP has disappeared of our national catalogue of driving licences from January 1, 2016. For now this license exists only in Spain and with valid exclusively in the national territory until the drivers that still have it in our power we have to renew it. Now, who is interested in obtaining it you will not have to carry out tests or additional tests because to get the license B is obtained ex officio by the now defunct permission of BTP.

And now what will happen with those who have the permission BTP in our power?

Have a driving licence implies that when approaching the date of expiration we have to renew it if you don’t want to lose the possibility of driving. However, with the disappearance of the permit BTP things will change as that upon termination of this permission also will be deleted from our card pink plastic where you pick up the cards that we have in our power.

Permiso BTP libro

According to the General Directorate of Traffic permit holders BTP will be able to continue driving the vehicles for which before required the BTP, with independence of which must comply with the requirements that could set the industry standards for the performance of these services (taxis, ambulances, police…), always maintain in force the category of driving licence required in function of the vehicle in question” […] “in addition, such holders will continue with the same driving licence, in which the category BTP, until the expiration of the permit of category B. When I renew, in the new document no longer be the mention of BTP.

Prior to this homogenization of the drivers licence at the european level, permission BTP has been for years one of the most demanded in driving schools Spain. The reason was simple, because without this permission could not handle certain types of vehicles. Taxis, ambulances, certain emergency vehicles and school vehicles could not be brought if the driver was not in the power of this permit. The BTP, it was the key that opened the door to have a decent job because, in addition to this license is not required great knowledge for their performance.

With this clarification drivers that we have this license, we are covered both in Spain as in the rest of the countries of the European Union. Now we won’t have to worry about renewing it, saving in medical examinations and fees, as it will renew automatically when we update the B normal. Therefore it is good that from the community bodies will ensure that all european citizens have the same rights. However, the driving schools would not have done much grace as they lose a portion of their income. Cest la vie.

Source – Directorate General of Traffic (DGT)