The Peugeot 2008 debut in the Hall of Buenos Aires, but come to Argentina in 2016


The 2008 will be one of the novelties Peugeot lead to Motor Show in Buenos Aires . Produced in Brazil offered up 6 airbags , stability control and engine 1.6 liter THP 166 hp .


Peugeot-2008-2 E his week debuted in the Brazilian market the Peugeot 2008, a model that is produced together with 208 on the ground that the mark has in the town of Porto Real in Rio de Janeiro, since both products share the platform .

Peugeot confirmed that 2008 will be one of the attractions they have reserved for Motor Show in Buenos Aires , which will take place next June.

After passing through the Hall of Buenos Aires, the 2008 land in the Argentine market.

This is a SUV guy , whose dimensions are even below the EcoSport, which it leads by 9 centimeters in length. Aesthetically, the Peugeot 2008 manufactured in Brazil has no differences with respect to that produced in Europe, like what happens with the carrier.

However engineers worked on the suspension and the height above the ground, in order to adapt to the conditions of the South American roads. Under the hood is provided with two possibilities, one 1.6 liter 16v that produces 115 hp and THP Turbo 1.6 liter 166 horsepower associated with a 6-speed manual transmission or automatic four.

Recreational facilities offered in Brazil is the possibility of having 6 airbags, ESP stability control LED daytime running lights, touch screen with integrated browser and automatic dual zone climate control among the most notable.

His arrival to the Argentine market is planned for 2016, but the local public what savor under the Motor Show in Buenos Aires will take place from next June 19 .






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