The pickup based on the Duster will be called Oroch and it was hunted without camouflage


Renault Oroch is the trade name of pickup based on the Duster , which has been photographed while shooting in Brazilian routes. It will be one of the novelties of Motor Show in Buenos Aires . [1.99901 million]


Renault Oroch 2016 S was one of the innovations that Renault lead the Motor Buenos Aires. This is the pickup based on the Duster , which has already been hunted by Brazilian amateur photographers while carrying out filming a commercial on public streets. [1.99901 million]

While photographing the model only allows unprecedented observe from behind, we see that finally trade description will Oroch given the emblem that adorns the tailgate. [1.99901 million]

Renault Oroch be the trademark of the pickup based on the Duster.

His aesthetic has clear differences from the prototype shown last year Motor São Paulo . The cargo box and tailgate seem to have gained some more tall, while l looks at box with a somewhat lower floor, which is evident when looking at the base of the tailgate and also made the bumper adopt a different design.

But on the plastic rear window spoiler that doubles as a bar for the load and which is attached to the roof bars, making up almost one piece remains. Although no h Flatout site published photographs of the front, is expected to adopt modifications thereof recently introduced the facelift of the Duster.

To the side, the body seems to have no difference from the SUV. Mechanically, is expected to share the same engines Duster and transmissions, as well as the possibility of equipping a drive system 4 × 4. [1.99901 million]

The pickup Renault Oroch will be produced in Brazil for the entire region and its launch will mean the opening of an unpublished segment because it is a product that will be located halfway between the pickups Segment Segment B and D.





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