The pickup Fiat Toro and walks around Italy


It was photographed in Italy a unit of Fiat pickup unprecedented bull also produce and market in South America. It is believed that its capacity will be one thousand kilograms.


Fiat Toro L a still unpublished pickup median Fiat starts rolling through Europe. While there is still too much official information sources linked to the brand ensure that adopt the name Fiat Toro. This week an indoor unit with a strong camouflage was caught while conducting dailies by the Italian streets .

A unit of Fiat Toro, caught in Italy.

This is a product for Europe and South America , which aesthetically could adopt some of the features that were present in the FCC4 prototype that debuted last October under the Fair Motor São Paulo. However, the dense camouflage units units photographed so far prevented know for sure if their appearance is related to the aforementioned conceptual work.

The unit photographed in Italy corresponds to the version with double cabin , but is believed to also be a traditional pickup configuration, with a single row of seats and larger cargo box.

This new product, like the Renault Oroch, seeks to fill the gap between commercial vehicles segment B derivatives such as the Volkswagen Saveiro and Fiat Strada and the largest in the segment D like Volkswagen Amarok or Toyota Hilux.

Fiat Toro. Proyección de la nueva pickup mediana de Fiat. Under his body, much of its mechanical and structural elements will be shared with the Jeep Renegade . Is expected to offer to South America mechanics is composed by a block E.torQ EVO with 1.8 liters and 132 horsepower and Multijet turbodiesel, 2.0-liter, 170 horsepower , both with simple traction and 4 × 4.

Regarding exchange houses, six-speed automatic is expected and possibly a ZF automatic with nine gears in the most equipped versions. Little is known yet about their size and capabilities, but it is possible that your body measure about 5 meters long , as well as offer a capacity of one thousand kilograms.

Fiat Toro



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