The pilots expressed their relief by the new rule adelantamientos


Four of the pilots most influential of the grill have been shown in favor of the new standard that penalize those pilots who try to defend against an overtaking with a movement when you have already started the phase of braking.

Something like that cost him a wing broken to Kimi Räikkönen at the Hungaroring when he tried to overtake Max Verstappen, as well as Esteban Gutierrez in Suzuka when he tried to do the same with Carlos Sainz.

To Lewis Hamilton, “this is the respect we have for each other. We are traveling at speeds serious, so that you defend, but do not do it when you’re in the braking”, pointed to the british, who said that it is now-with the arrival of new pilots – when this situation has become a problem. “During the ten years that I’ve been in F1, all the drivers have understood the same rule and only the new ones that have come have not accepted potentially the same. It is fantastic that Charlie (Whiting) has understood the most of the views of the pilots”.

For Hamilton, it is imperative that the rules clear to all the pilots are clear about what lines they can’t cross. “The rules should be very strict and clear because, otherwise, if you say that it is permitted to move in the braking, the whole world will do so, and, well, you will begin a new way of driving which is dangerous. Definitely, it is the right path”.

Danger in extreme situations

Jenson Button is of the same opinion and recalls that this rule has traditionally been an agreement not in writing between pilots. “Is the correct rule. We started a long time ago in the sport and has always been understood that it is wrong to move in the area of braking when someone tries to get ahead, because everything happens in the limit. As soon as someone moves in front of you and grab the line, the space to which you are going, you’re screwed. You’re going to jump over or end up in the barriers. It is common sense more than anything else,”, emphasized the pilot of McLaren.

Fernando Alonso was terse in his opinion, but blunt. For the Spanish pilot, the issue mainly lies in the conduct of the commissioners. “it Was clear before and is clear now. In football, when you catch the ball inside the area, it is a penalty. Sometimes the referee gives a penalty and the other not”.

Nico Rosberg also believes that the situation is dangerous and it is necessary to tackle the problem, because the danger is very high when a driver tries to overtake seeing as his opponent changes the path in full braking. “Is a high-risk situation and it is very complicated for the one who goes behind to avoid an accident because it is in the limit and can not rotate, it is good to have been addressed”.