The pilots talk: the new rules for clutches complicates the outputs


the intent of The
International federation of motor Racing is to avoid that a
second clutch may be used, in a certain mode, such as control of
traction, and this has imposed the obligation to use a single
lever on outputs, or, more exactly, only
use one hand for the procedure

The system
clutch on the steering wheel was introduced by McLaren in 1994 in the car
Mika Häkkinen
, and since then it was spreading to the rest of
equipment. Now, the FIA wants to introduce an element of
uncertainty, complicating the outputs and forcing the pilots to
to have the greatest influence on the operation-

in this regard, the
pilots present at the official press conference of the FIA match
in that now it is more complicated to start with efficiency. Nico Rosberg, the winner in the Grand Prix of Australia -but lost
two-seater with the Ferrari, believes that “it is a challenge, it makes it more
, there will be more variability in the outputs”
, something
that match Fernando Alonso: “it is more complicated, so that it is
good for the show”

Felipe Massa also
it is of the same opinion as their colleagues from Mercedes and McLaren, although
think that “after two or three races will be similar to what has gone before”,
something that, to Max Verstappen, is already exceeded. “I Think that it is very
like, I had a good exit so I was
happy, but in general lines it is a matter of practice more,
but this is something that we can deal with”
, said the young pilot of
Toro Rosso.

Romain Grosjean,
his part, made it very clear that you prefer the previous system, something that
is influenced by to drive in a brand new team:
“I Prefer the old system”, explaining that conferred “more
accuracy in relation to the reaction time
, although in the end not
change much the procedure. I think some teams have done
better than others, we are a new team and we still have that
working on it,”
, recognized the French.

For Pascal Wehrlein, however, it is not possible to establish a comparison with the
previous system that made its debut this year. In its recent stage in the
DTM, the clutch is actuated with the left foot by a foot pedal,
therefore, it is “completely different. My output in Melbourne was
really good and I advanced seven positions, so I can not
, ended by saying the pilot of Manor.