The Pirelli’s 2017 already accumulated 4.600 km of test


The Pirelli tyres that will be used in the renewed Formula 1, 2017, have already accumulated a considerable amount of miles, something that no doubt will be a great help to the Italian brand, that you must have ready the tires final for the beginning of the pre-season test next month of march.

Both Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull have modified their cars from the season 2015 to increase the levels of downforce and thus simulate the loads that the tire must withstand in 2017, which will be much higher than today.

Pirelli has scheduled thirteen days more of test in locations as varied as Paul Ricard, Montmeló and Abu Dhabi, which will host the final test with the three teams present simultaneously on the 29th of November.

Test Pirelli 2017 Ferrari Red Bull Mercedes
Fiorano (01/08/2016) Vettel (360 km)
Fiorano (02/08/2016) Gutiérrez (495 km)
Mugello (03/08/2016) Buemi (430 km)
Mugello (04/08/2016) Buemi (483 km)
Montmeló (06/09/2016) Räikkönen (517 km)
Paul Ricard (06/09/2016) Wehrlein (785 km)
Montmeló (07/09/2016) Vettel (726 km)
Paul Ricard (07/09/2016) Wehrlein (522 km)
Paul Ricard (08/09/2016) Wehrlein (370 km)
TOTAL 2.098 km 913 km 1.677 km