The plan of low profile for Volvo Polestar in the WTCC


The arrival of Volvo through the team Polestar Cyan Racing the WTCC is a breath of fresh air to the category. However, the Swedish firm has downplayed its entry in the championship, through a plan of low profile. Although the economic stakes in the development of this vehicle is remarkable, the firm will field only two Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 in the season 2016, driven by Thed Björk and Fredrik Ekblom. A starting point in which Volvo is set objectives humble, as the great aim of the brand is the season 2017.

In Polestar Cyan Racing are aware that to beat the Citroën C-Elysée official is today almost impossible mission, but enjoy a season 2016 ‘test competitive’ was necessary. In 2017, Citroën Racing leaves the boat of the WTCC and is the time for which Volvo wants to become captain. Until then, the speech is discreet and objectives humble and the words of Thed Björk as shown: “We have to be realistic in our first year. Maybe we can fight for some podiums and perhaps a race victory, a fact that would be awesome”.

The tone and ambition if we are talking about 2017 changes, and in this aspect Thed Björk what is clear: “The drivers we are always optimistic, but what is certain is that in the second year we want to win the championship. There isn’t a single doubt about it. The mechanics are working at a high level, the whole team is working very hard”. Even so, Björk prefers to go step by step and focus on what lies ahead: “we have Not yet had any test this year. Of time Fredrik and I are training hard and preparing for when the time comes”.