The Plan of Madrid: drop the speed to 70 km/h on M30 and M40


Madrid presents its Plan to fight against pollution.

The City of Madrid has presented today its Plan of Air Quality and Climate Change, referred to simply as Plan, which envisages drastic measures to try to combat the excessive pollution that suffers the Spanish capital.

Among the measures that most directly affect the automotive sector, and the drivers are severe speed reductions on the roads most important of the capital and strong restrictions on the parking within the central area, called the central core of the city.

in Addition, the plan includes the intention to create zones, in certain areas of the central core, low-emission, reserved only to the residents and where you will promote public transport and cycling.


The electric vehicle will receive strong incentives.

Among the measures adopted, the most striking are the reduction of the velocity in the rings of the ring of the M30 and M40 90 km/h current to only 70 km/h. The same maximum speed allowed during episodes of high pollution. In other inland areas will be reduced to 30 km/h maximum speed.

will Be created park and ride facilities on the outside to promote that they have access to the central core using the public transportation and implement a policy more restricitiva in the access to the central zone and the zones of regulated parking.

vehicles that have the label ECO will receive a 50-percent discount in the areas of regulated parking, S. E. R, while the zero-emission vehicles can park for free.


Heavy restrictions on some vehicles and promotions for the less polluting.

from 2020 all vehicles which do not have the corresponding label of emission of the DGT will be prohibited to park in the parking lot of the S. E. R., so that the passenger cars with gasoline engine prior to the year 2000 and the diesel prior to 2006 will not be able to park on the street. Yes will be able to travel and park on private premises.