The Plan PIVE 8 come until July 2016 and there will be a Plan Movea

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Very good news for the automotive sector. The Plan PIVE 8 is not going to end on December 31, 2015, as initially planned. Begoña Cristeto, secretary general of Industry, has confirmed today that the plan of aid for the purchase of new vehicles is extended until July 31, 2016, adding seven extra month to the duration initially planned for this PIVE 8, which was supposed to be the last, at least of the legislature of the Partido Popular.

Will be in one of the next Councils of Ministers, on the next day 27 November or 4 December, when the approval of this extension of the PIVE 8, will be financed with the budget remaining, because before the end of the year there will be 225 million of the budget, the largest of all the editions of the Plan PIVE with a difference.

The extension of the aid will be possible thanks to that is the IDEA, who manages the grant and a resolution of the Ministry of Industry would extend the deadlines. If it had been the Ministry itself, who will manage the aid, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

Plan Movea, grants for alternative energy

Nissan LEAF 2016 mayor autonomíaHas been the own Begoña Cristeto, who has spoken of the Plan Movea, a new incentive plan for the purchase of vehicles powered by alternative energies, where it is included electrical, gas (LPG and CNG) or hydrogen. When the Plan Movea is published in the BOE, you will be able to acquire a vehicle of these característicar and request aid that will start to deliver by 1 January 2016.

in Addition, it is interesting to know that will not be mandatory achatarrar a tourism or a business less than 3.5 tonnes in order to benefit from the Plan Movea, though if it is it will incentivize those who do, so that in the absence of knowing more data there will be different amounts in the aid of this new plan. To aid in vehicles M2, N2, M3 and N3 if it will be an essential requirement for the achatarramiento of a similar vehicle.

The new measures promoted by the Ministry of Industry will continue to fuel the automotive sector, which is closer to equilibrium. However, after the extension of the PIVE and the new Plan Movea there are also certain interests electoralistas.

Source – Tribune Automotive