The Plan PIVE 8 to extend its validity until the 31 of July 2016


Initially, the Government had announced that the Plan PIVE 8 would end at the end of the present year 2015, but finally will be extended a few more months. The Plan PIVE 8 will remain in force for seven months, until 31 July 2016.

This extension of the Plan PIVE 8 has been confirmed today by Begoña Cristeto, Secretary General of Industry, in the framework of the III European conference of the Electric Vehicle. At the end of this year there will still be funds remaining of the 225 billion euros of budget with the PIVE 8, hence the Government has decided to prolong until mid-2016.

To keep the Plan PIVE 8 in force beyond this 2015, the Council of Ministers will approve a resolution this November 27 or December 4, further extending the life of this successful grant program for the purchase of a new vehicle for the efficient until the next July 31, 2016. As announced from the same Government, later there will be no new deliveries of the Plan PIVE.


Good news for those buyers who plan the purchase of a new car coming soon, as well as for the dealers, who feared a drop in sales by the end of this help. Recall that the Plan PIVE 8 consists of a discount of € 1,500 on a new vehicle the achatarrar a vehicle of more than ten years old, with ITV in force and which has been the property of the driver in the past twelve months.

in Addition, in one of the next two Councils of Ministers (27 November or 4 December), also approve the Plan MOVEA, which will incentivize the purchase of new cars based on alternative energy -electric cars, or hydrogen gas-. From the date of its approval and publication in the official gazette, the Plan MOVEA shall enter into force, and may benefit, even though these aids -still no amount is defined – you will begin to be charged from 1 January of the 2016.