The Plan PIVE will come to an end in a short time


The Plan PIVE is about to expire. The eighth edition of the “Incentive Program to the Efficient Vehicle” you will learn soon, its end, and with this there will be no more continuations. “we Understand that the PIVE has already fulfilled its function, in fact is already in the phase of the end ” these are the words of Victor Audera, Director General of Industry, in an interview with Capital Radio.

aid will continue for vehicles powered by alternative energies

These aids will no longer exist but will still be present in others, at least for the moment, to encourage the purchase of vehicles powered by alternative energies. The goal of the future aid is to seek a balance between the reduction of emissions and the maintenance of a sector that if it hadn’t been for the PIVE had gone through great difficulties.

The PIVE 8 had a budget of 225 million euros. Facilitated the low incentive approximately 300,000 vehicles with more than ten years old in passenger cars and more than seven years in the case of light commercial vehicles. In addition to reducing emissions and to support the automotive industry, is a energy savings for the country.

In this latest edition, the incentive was lower, reducing the total amount of the general assistance of 2,000 euros to the 1.500, but came to a remarkable higher number of buyers.