The plans of Renault for 2016, coming on a pick-up and a new compact SUV


Among other developments, Renault plans to launch a pick-up and a new compact SUV.

coming up, important news for the european market of the hand of Renault. And is that, as well, have emerged a few days ago that Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan, the French firm will introduce on the old continent, a large amount of new models and segments very different. In the image above you can see a foretaste of what Renault has prepared.

Part of these plans have been laid bare during the recent meeting of the senior managers of the French company with its shareholder. But, What is the news launch Renault in 2016? from what we can see, it is clear that one of the main novelties will be the first pick-up of the mark for our market. And eye, not to be confused with the Renault Duster Oroch, because it is a model based on the Dacia Duster.

This pick-up will be built on the same platform used by the Nissan Navara and on an aesthetic level, would be a large amount of details that would make reference to the Renault Alaskan Concept, a prototype pick-up introduced in the month of September of last year 2015.

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however, there will be many more innovations that will move in segments in which the volume of enrolments are very high. For example, we know that Renault will launch a new crossover for the B-segment or a new sedan to the segment C. On the crossover little or nothing we can anticipate at the moment, although in the case of the sedan, the truth is that all indications are that eventually we will see a replacement for Renault Fluence.

The latest reports suggest that it would be marketed under the denomination Mégane Sedan, although personally I prefer to be prudent and not to throw the bells to the flight in this aspect. Better to wait. In any case, it will be a model mounted on the architecture CMF, so that we can get an idea of the type of mechanical and other elements that we will see.

we Also see that is confirmed by the variant of seven-seat Renault Scénic, What A Grand Scénc?, something that is not a surprise but that, finally receives an official confirmation on the part of the mark.