The plant of Dacia in Tangier produces the unit to 1,000,000. It success for the brand Romanian!

Tangier hosts one of the 11 factories that Dacia has spread all over the world. This moroccan plant is celebrating, as they have produced the unit number 1,000,000. Something to remember in the mark Romanian. The first unit manufactured, back in February of 2012, it was a Dacia Lodgy blue azurite, only five years ago.

Since then, 474.840 Sanderos, 320.078 Dokkers and 193.181 Lodgys produced in Tangier, have been distributed to 37 countries around the world. In addition, this factory moroccan, 300 hectares of area, meets strict environmental policy. The plant in Tangiers will not produce any CO2 emissions, with over 90 percent of their needs covered thanks to renewable energies.

This milestone is primarily due to a heating plant biomass, with a program designed to minimize the consumption without compromising on performance, allowing save 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. To be even more clean, the moroccan plant recycles wastewater through a wastewater treatment plant. In addition, the water is controlled so that it will use 70 percent less.

The plant of Tangier is the car factory largest in the south of the Mediterranean, with an annual production capacity of 340,000 vehicles on its two assembly lines. There is also another factory of Dacia in the arab country, located in Casablanca. Both factories are responsible for most of the annual production of these Romanian cars. Amazing, isn’t it?

“The plant of Tangier is one of the responsible for the success of the brand. Since its construction in 2012, has experienced an exceptional increase and has achieved a level of quality in a record time,” said Francois mariotte, Director of Marketing and Sales.

From your foundation in 1967, Dacia, with the assistance of Renault, has been the main car manufacturer in Romania. Today, with more than 12,500 employees and the Group Renault-Nissan as the parent company, earn more than 3,000 million euros a year in addition to sponsoring several teams in the Italian league football.

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