The platform MLB of Audi would be in danger by the Dieselgate

Audi-A8-L-Security-2015-5a Large part of the budget of a brand of cars is taken up by the department of Research, Development and Innovation. In addition, if such brand or group of brands is the Volkswagen Group, the better we do not do accounts. However, the scandal of the emissions will pass invoice to the department of I+D+i of the German conglomerate. The reason is obvious, which is that if part of their budget is reserved for addressing the compensation may not be allocated to other tasks.

Until now, the mechanics of the Volkswagen Group was of the following form. marks flat (to call it somehow) Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and some Audi models, shared numerous structural elements and mechanical. For example, the MQB platform and the multitude of models that has borne fruit. This made the costs of design and production is kept to grate and very profitable sale.

Gama Porsche Panamera 2017however, in certain segments of the market and group’s brands the thing changed. Audi was the brand that most mutated. That is to say, Audi shared with his sisters certain models, but the signing of the four rings also is present in niches of market very exclusive and these could not be justified with shared technology with brands more plebeian. Thus, for the models of Audi have a higher cache to the brand I would be developing a modular platform for longitudinal-engine, the MLB.

The problem arises in that Porsche has a platform very similar, the MSB. This has been developed to give life to models with propulsion rear. However, instead of mounting the propeller in longitudinal position what will be the cross-section. In addition, you can change its structure to accommodate variants with all-wheel drive of these models. Therefore, it makes no sense for Audi to follow up with the development of your particular platform.

in Addition, this news might bring as a result that the next Audi A4 to come with propulsion, in place of traction. There I leave it.

Source – Der Spiegel

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