The platform of the Alfa Romeo Giulia could be extended to other models of the group FCA

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Before the summer we make contact with the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Is the the first vehicle of the “new era” of Alfa Romeo, which aims to rediscover that passion for the automobile, the design and driving sensations of the brand that you are lost makes already quite a few years. The Alfa Romeo-like, and much. It may not be the sedan more practical segment D, but it is one of the most sports.

The company has invested a lot of time, money and resources in the Giulia, developing the platform Giorgio that has cost, as counted from the own brand, 1,000 million euros. Under this same platform has been developed the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, who we met last week, also looking for a high sportiness to the SUV segment. The main feature of this platform Giorgio is that their vehicles will be propelled later and, optionally, all-wheel-drive.

Mazda MX-5 Icon Edition

In principle, its development was exclusive to the brand Alfa Romeo, but a recent statement of Reid Bigland, ceo of Alfa Romeo and Maserati, suggests that soon could be used by other vehicles to FCA. Specifically stated that: “the amendment of that platform to build more products FCA is a possibility. We have a gem. In terms of driving dynamics is the best in its class, so it’s going to be difficult to maintain that exclusivity for Alfa Romeo”.

Although it can be modified, Bigland stated that the platform Giorgio would keep to propulsion subsequent and optionally four-wheel drive. It also stated that it could adapt to both products of the group with the highest price and lowest price that the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio. Hard to imagine that it could be used in vehicles of the brand Fiat, but is more likely to be used by future models of the signature Maserati or even of the american Dodge, also belonging to the FCA.

Source – Automotive News