The “Poleman” of MotoGP this season will be a BMW M4 CS

BMW M4 CS premio de MotoGP

a couple of weeks Ago I presented the new BMW M4 CS. As I mentioned in that article, this version is a limited edition that it would be available in several markets outside of Spain, not as the M4 CS that came up last year exclusively for the Spanish market. The new version would be in the middle of the BMW M4 normal and the radical BMW M4 GTS.

you Already know that BMW is an official sponsor of the MotoGP World Championship from several years ago. The signature German automobile created, 15 years ago, a prize to the rider of the premiere category of the motorcycling that most times come out to race from the first position; that is to say, the pilot more times to gain Pole Position. The prize is a model of the brand, always high-performance. And yes, this year the winning driver will be a fantastic BMW M4 CS.

BMW M4 CS 2017

The BMW M4 CS uses the same engine six-cylinder in-line with boost that the rest of M4. Your maximum output is 460 HP, 29 more than the M4 normal, and the engine torque is 600 Nm. These figures allow you to accelerate, in the 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. Meanwhile, BMW has changed the limiter of maximum speed, which allows it to reach up to the 280 km/h. This version is also lighter and more dynamic than the conventional model.

if you questions, the pilot with more BMW’s given away by their classifications in the world is Marc Marquez. The Catalan has already taken four BMW! Marc must already be knowledgeable of the award for the best “poleman”, what that insurance is a small plus of motivation to continue reaping the best records during the classifications. As a curiosity, the first spaniard to receive the award from BMW was the rider Sete Gibernau.

BMW Series 4
From 39.300 euro