The Polestar 1 has a draught of strong, so imagine X-Tomi a version ShootingBrake

One of the most important news of this week has been the presentation, held in Shanghai, from first model of Polestar as a brand: the Polestar 1. Yes, although it seems a lot of the Volvo S90 – indeed it takes its base – the Polestar 1 is a completely new model. Under its bodywork, built in carbon fiber, a hybrid system with a gasoline engine and two thrusters electric develop 600 HP and 1,000 Nm pair for this new two door coupe.

The primary key of the Polestar 1 is all the conglomerate of technologies that make him a real GT hybrid in the luxury, design, performance and efficiency go hand in hand. In addition, you can travel 150 kilometres using exclusively electric power, that is to say, without spending a single drop of gasoline. The designer X-Tomi Design has decided to reinterpretarlo creating an image with a design “ShootingBrake”.

once more, the work of X-Tomi, is worthy of praise. Have taken on the traits of the Polestar 1, very similar to those of Volvo S90 and V90, and has endowed him with a body very rare in the market: a Polestar 1 ShootingBrake two door. It seems neither much less a bad idea, and it is likely that the designers of the young brand, they’ve already seen. Unlike the model coupé, the recreation uses the forms of the drivers later Volvo V90, the body family.

we don’t know if Polestar (or Volvo) will be highly valued a product like this, but what is certain is that the habitability of the rear seats (we recall that they themselves have qualified as a 2+2), the volume to the trunk and the practicality of the same would be more usable. In addition, not therefore lost, nor much less, the differentiation that has been found with the new hybrid coupe; for your aesthetic also looks very attractive.

For the moment, we can only confirm that the Polestar 1 will begin production in the second half of next year, which will take place in a new factory in Chengdu (China), and the first units will begin to be marketed in mid-2019.

Source – X-Tomi

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