The police australian premieres V8! The Lexus RC F is attached to the body

The police of Abu Dhabi has a Lykan Hypersport, the fleet of police of Dubai seems straight out of a dream garage, in Madrid we have the municipal police with the Renault Mégane RS and now in Australia have added a Lexus RC F to its fleet, how to patrol with a V8? doesn’t sound bad, although, its main purpose will not be to chase “the bad guys”.

Recently, australian police also incorporated to its fleet the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63

The Police New South Wales, the state in which it is situated Sidney, you will use this Lexus RC F as a support car in actions to raise awareness on road safety, betting on their statuesque attitude to promote a responsible driving, participating in various community events and even racing cars, to warn us of his role as “drive 0” in the 6 hours of Bathurst.

A good claim to strengthen the bonds with citizens fans to the engine, a good showcase with which to promote the road safety and sure, a joy to those agents who are assigned to give a good account of the coupe.

A V8 of 477 horses at the service of law and order:

Recall that after the angular forms of its bodywork, the Lexus RC F features a atmospheric V8 5 liter, a mechanism that develops 477 horses to the rear axle and that we have been able to put it to the test on several occasions. Recently we told you our impressions next to the Lexus GS F in the article “travel in a Lexus RC F and Lexus GS F: eight-cylinder japanese and close to 1,000 HP”.

In Spain, the Lexus RC F will have a starting price of 86.700 euros.


Gallery of images of the Lexus RC F of the australian police: