The police in Dubai seized 81 luxury cars in a race is illegal

Policia Dubai police Dubai has an impressive fleet of police vehicles, with some of the best supercars in the world wearing the uniform of the police force. These days, the police forces of Dubai have in his possession 81 cars sports of luxury, but they are not intended to patrol. Have been seized in a career illegal massive, after several warnings that there were cars without license plates driving at high speeds on some highways.

According to police sources, some of the seized vehicles came to overcome even the 300 km/h, following the breaches do not carry some tuition or the lights off for camouflage in the darkness of the night. The sanctions can be of the most varied, but the police have not given more details about it, as it has also not revealed what models correspond to the 81 cars seized. Sure that you have gathered in the deposits of the police one of the finest collections of supercars in the world.

Policía de DubáiWhat has transpired is the amount that the owners of the vehicles seized must pay to remove the sports of the deposit. To reason 24,000 euros per car and € 12,000 per moto, secure that the police of Dubai makes good cash in the next few days. Are amounts high, but ludicrous at the same time taking into account the level of the cars involved in illegal races night, and the purchasing power of their “pilots”.

What is more interesting is that if any of the owners decides not to bother to check out your car, the three months will become the property of the police Dubai, which will be able to sell them. Nor would it be a bad idea to allocate the cars seized to swell the ranks of his list of supercars and patrol cars to luxury.

Source – Jalopnik