The pollution in London you will end up with the T-Charge

Contaminación Londres

pollution in the great cities of the world is a problem much more serious than we can imagine. Many people blame only the thousands of vehicles daily circulate through the center of these cities. However, it is not less true that the pollution of these cities is also caused by other factors such as factories, thermal power plants that produce energy in addition to other agents.

, In Europe we have cities just as important as Berlin, Paris, , Barcelona, Madrid or London suffer from this serious problem. In all of them already taken measures to limit the impact of pollution, however some are more restrictive than in others. In this case, has been London that has surprised the world by announcing the imposition of the diesel vehicles of a daily rate for access to the city centre English.

Contaminación Londres

The rate of pollution has been called T-Charge and its impeller has been the mayor of London. According to Sadiq Khan is something that is necessary for to limit the input to the center of the city of the car more polluting and will help to promote the use of public transport. According to have announced their entry into force will be in October of this year and the amount that will be required to pay the owners of this type of vehicles will be around 40 euros a day.

however, the T-Charge do not apply to all days or all hours. As have declared to the officials of the city of London will only be in force from Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 18:00 hours of the afternoon. Outside of these hours and weekends the owners of vehicles classified as highly polluting may move freely for the central areas of London.

This measure seeks to to drastically reduce pollution to the residents and workers in the downtown area of the city. For those of us who know London know that in the center of the city are increasingly living less people, so that its scope could be reduced to a few thousands of people. However it seems to us an appropriate measure which, if well worked, might help to reduce the limits of contaminating particles.

Source – Auto Express