The poor security of the quads, in the point of view of EuroNCAP

quad light and heavy share roads and streets with the other vehicles, however, are not subject to the same safety regulations. Their approvals are much more lax, not only in regard to the protection of its occupants, but also to their emissions, for example. The quad light can be driven with a valid AM a moped, and most of them are driven by older people. EuroNCAP calls attention to your poor security in the event of an accident, which has shown in video.

The crash-test of the quads are much less demanding than those of a tourist.

What is certain is that until 2014, there was a protocol of a crash-test for quads. Two years ago, EuroNCAP began testing with several quads – light and heavy. The protocol consists of a head-on collision at 50 km/h against a deformable barrier and a side impact at 50 km/h. Only analyzes the protection of the occupants of the seats front. By comparison, in passenger cars is done at 64 km/h and it is evaluated also the protection of the pedestrian or the active safety systems.

cuadriciclos-accidente-1The results for 2014 were disastrous: no vehicle analyzed got a single star. All of them had been designed without the protection of the occupants in the event of an accident, up to the point that would have been lost lives be for accidents occurring outside of a laboratory. In 2016, EuroNCAP has returned to review the safety of several quads, coming to the conclusion that the results are just as bad two years ago. All in all, some models have a protection something even better.

Since the quads have been designed without the structures, deformable or passive safety systems in mind. Airbags are optional, and not in all models.

These quads are not manufactured by car companies. Some manufacturers are from countries of low reputation car – many of them still base their business in the motorcycle – using the segment of the quads as a business model complementary. Although models like the Microcar M. GO offer now airbag for the driver (optional) , the european body has shown that is not effective. What’s more, I have criticized as a ploy of marketing without a solid technical basis.

cuadriciclos-accidente-2Harsh criticism for a segment of market-small, but that checked out to their customers in an important way. In Spain, currently the quads light and heavy can be done with cards, AM and A1, respectively. Are cards designed with the small motorcycle in mind, evidencing the fact that this type of vehicles are left in no-man’s land. However, the quadricycles such as the Renault Twizy have powers of more than 15 HP and maximum speeds of up to 80 km/h. Can get out of the city in a legal way.

therefore, EuroNCAP requires a greater security for this type of vehicle, that you hope to achieve by showing the world the terrible security of the best-selling segment. Of course, you should have in mind that are not passenger cars, and its scope will almost always urban, but not exempt from danger in the event of an accident. The agency has analyzed four quads light, and only one of them – the Chatenet CH30 – received two stars. The rest – Aixam Crossover GTR, Bajaj Qute and Microcar M. GO – only got one star.

then, the video, which shows the hardness of the impacts. Less evil that they are dummies.

Source: EuroNCAP
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