The Porsche 356 of Janis Joplin, auctioned for over a million and a half euros


The second half of the decade of the sixties was a hotbed of cultural and social. This had its reflection in the music, and beyond the label ‘hippie’, the legacy of groups and artists like The Doors, Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin continue to have full force and relevance today, almost five decades later.

Both Jim Morrison as Hendrix or Joplin died young, giving way to the legend of the ‘Club of 27’, precisely because of their age of death. And if Joplin can be considered to be one of the first female stars of rock, his car was also at its height: this Porsche 356[19459006of1964Ihadthehonortobeyourcar

In the recent auction of RM Sotheby’s held in New York city, this Porsche 356 Cabriolet was sold for a whopping 1.76 million dollars. At the current exchange rate, we’re talking about 1,60 million euros, a record figure that exceeds by far the initial estimate of $ 600,000. And is that for having belonged to Janis Joplin, this Porsche is their history.


Manufactured in 1964, Joplin purchased this Porsche second hand, in 1968, for $ 3,500. Since then and until his death, used it daily, with countless trips between San Francisco and Los Angeles. And as you can see, its exterior is nothing common: we are to one of the first ‘art car’.

Joplin commissioned his ‘roadie’ Dave Richards, the customization of this Porsche 356, and the result is still as beautiful and psychedelic as it was then. His body was painted as if it were a wall: this work of art ‘History of the Universe’ transmits true freedom, and includes a lot of colorful and natural motifs, inspired by the valley in california.

After the dies of Janis, in 1970, the car became the property of Laura and Michael, his brothers. Two decades ago, that his painting was completely restored, and since 1995, could be admired in the museum of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland. It has not been made public who will be its new possessor, but we hope that it is in good hands: this is the Porsche 356 the most expensive ever sold at auction, with a great historical value.