The Porsche 911 2018 begins the testing of the chassis


The Porsche 911 2018 as it begins to roll

Porsche has begun to conduct the first tests for the next generation of 911 appearing for the first time in our spy photos. The following model is scheduled to launch in 2018 and has begun its very rapid development since the facelift of the current 911 just submitted a couple of months ago.

The mules that we see hiding in its interior the chassis of the Porsche 911 2018. It is the evolution of the current platform MMB. The first thing we see is that the rear axle is wider during the use of the same tire size 305/30 ZR20, of the current sports. Which means that test a rear axle for more width, in addition to other new features in its interior that prevents us from seeing the mule.


The new 911 seems to possess a rear axle for more width

washing face Porsche 911 brought as its main novelty the incorporation of a whole range of turbocharged engines. The 911 2018 in addition to continuing with these thrusters be added to the list of options, a hybrid version plug-in, as they already do the Panamera, Cayenne or the impressive Porsche 918 Spyder.

hybrid variant plug-in will reduce the figures of consumptions and emissions of the range 911 – the same who make turbo engines-. In the case of the Panamera and Cayenne S E-Hybrid, the electric motor of 95 HP is integrated in the transmission PDK, so it takes up very little space and does not unbalance the weight distribution.