The Porsche 911 of manual change is in danger in the next generations


Porsche already plans to eliminate the manual versions of its iconic 911

So it is, the versions of the Porsche 911 with manual gearbox at risk. Since Porsche says it does not intend to build a new manual change. What it says Thomas Brandl, the engineer responsible for the new range of engines. We will continue to use the current change as can be ” but it would be very complicated to justify the necessary investment for the development of a new gearbox (manual) when a little over 10% of the customers choose it “.

This endangers seriously the manual versions of the sporty flagship of Porsche as the current does not take too long to keep obsolete, maybe one more generation. The manual gearbox in place is designed for the propeller 3.0-liter bi-turbo which will also be present in the next generation, with some updates of course, provided for the lapse of approximate time between 2018 and 2025. So we still have a “secured” nearly a decade nueveonces manuals.

Almost 90% of the customers choose its 911 with PDK

however the development of the incredible PDK will continue to have continuity since the vast majority of buyers prefer to this. And we can’t blame them for this because it is the best automatic on the market that also allows the sports to improve the performance and efficiency significantly. For the manual handling of the gears we will be able to continue using the cam in the steering wheel.


For the moment we will continue to enjoy the 911 with a manual gear such as the Porsche 911 R

we will Continue to enjoy the still-impressive machines such as the Porsche 911 R, but the choice of the users becomes even more clear when, thanks to the reduction of the binomial formed by the consumption of fuel, that round the liter difference per 100 km, and CO2 emissions that offers the automatic change, some models of the 911 with PDK they are cheaper to acquire than their counterparts with manual gearbox. This happens because, despite being the 911 PDK is more expensive from the factory with the car tax, regulated according to the emissions approved, made in the case of the manual change to the tax is greater.

In our country, the range Porsche 911 boots from the 107.653 € price of the Carrera Coupe 370 HP until the 247.927 € there is to pay as a minimum to be able to enjoy a 911 Turbo S Cabriolet 581 CV.