The Porsche 911 R 2016 and 928 CS prototype ex-Derek Bell new records absolute


Prototype of the Porsche 928 Club Sport in 1987, ex-Derek Bell.

The last event of Bonhams in Belgium should have been a auction more of the extensive calendar of british house, but the presence of several pieces featured in the list of lots for sale and above all, the prices of record made for these have been put on the map the fourth edition of the Zoute Sale of Bonhams.

In these last few weeks we have highlighted some of the lots that offers in this quote, belgian, held in Knokke Le-Zoute Friday, October 7, as the first copy of the Porsche 911 R that arrives at a public auction or the rare and magnificent prototype of the 928 Club Sport ex-Derek Bell.

These specimens were more than eye-catching in a catalog quite short in comparison with the big events of the year, just about 40 batches by adding vehicles, scale models and paintings, among which we could find some alluding to the Ecurie Francorchamps, the famous square belgian property of Jacques Swaters, importer of Ferrari in Belgium and a personal friend of Enzo Ferrari.


230.000 euros were paid for this SL ‘Pagoda’ 1969.

practically all of the lots found a new owner, 28, 30, although most had shone without a doubt were the two Porsche mentioned above, accompanied by a Mercedes-Benz 280 SL ‘Pagoda’, whose final prices achieved to set new records for each respective model.

on the one hand, we are surprised to see a copy of the 911 R 2016 in the list of this auction, because despite the fact that it is a limited edition, is a contemporary model. In fact, the copy auctioned is the unit 135 of the 991 Porsche pulled out of the sale of this special version of the 911.

Delivered in July of this same year to a client in Sweden, this 911 R only had come 52 km before being offered in the Zoute Sale of Bonhams, so that we can say that this is simply new, almost brand new.


The unit 135 of the limited series 911 R 2016.

Equipped with manual change and, above all, the maximum torque of the engine of the 911 GT3, the 911 R was the gift of the brand most faithful customers and purists nueveonce. After having been presented in Frankfurt last year, the new 911 generation 991.2, which is characterized by available for all versions of a mechanical supercharged, except the radical GT3.

This 911 R, which was based on a price in our market 217.468 euros, was unable to reach in the event of Belgium some more than impressive 483.000 euros. Well over double the original price, and what is more striking, and far exceeds previous estimates, which hovered between 250,000 and 350,000 euros.

According to Bonhams, in addition to the bids of the room, the 911 R attracted numerous buyers who are not attending the event, with up to 11 bidders by telephone, who fought fiercely to be done with the exemplary Swedish 911 A. Your final price can be considered the official record of the model, although there are reports of units put up for sale for over double that amount, although there are no reports that support that they have come to be sold really at that price.


This was the company car of Derek Bell, a prototype of the 928 CS.

The other Porsche famous of this auction was nothing less than the 928 Club Sport prototype belonging to the pilot Derek Bell, 5 times winner of Le Mans, and is one of the five copies that Porsche gave to its pilots official in 1987, a year before this version was available for sale.

Although the british pilot rejected the specimen in a first moment, since it had the steering wheel to the left and he found it uncomfortable to use it in the Uk, the following year agreed to register it as a peculiarity that made him unique compared to his four companions, the speedometer was faulty in miles instead of kilometers per hour.

it Is believed that this copy is one of the three copies that still survive of the 5 original, and it is without a doubt the most time was with its owner, until the year 2005. Unlike the 928 Club Sport production, these specimens had the inner clad completely in leather, and dual outside rearview mirror.


Derek Bell next to your 928 CS.

The 928 CS prototype ex-Derek Bell started with a few estimates that were between 225,000 and the 265,000 the euro, eventually reaching a maximum bid of of 253 000 euros, including supplements, the highest price paid for a Porsche 928.

Another vehicle that managed to surpass the all-time record for the model was a Mercedes-Benz 280 SL ‘Pagoda’, 1969, with the manual gearbox, the ZF 5 relationships. This was unable to reach the 230.000 euros in the auction belgian, quite a bit more than your quote regular, currently located at about $ 150,000 for an individual in state competition.

This copy is in great condition and has the rare option of manual gearbox of 5 speeds. Came out of the factory in 1969, and after more than 100,000 miles and 47 years has had only three owners up to the date of the auction.


Beautiful copy of the 356 Speedster, the most expensive of the auction.

despite not achieving any record, the model that obtained the highest bid of the day was a Porsche 356 ‘Pre-A’ Speedster 1600, 1955, a magnificent example that can boast having won several competitions for classical and its ownership history with the pilot Yves Tassin, born in precisely the area where it conducted the auction.

Several suitors face-to-face held a bitter struggle for the specimen with a bidder phone until he came to the 586.500 euros. One of the highest prices paid for one of these copies.

Other exemplary eye-catching were a Porsche 930 Turbo Targa 1989, one of the 26 copies of the 911 Turbo Targa, manufactured for Europe in 1989 and one of only 3 that came to Belgium in that year. But what is truly striking is the presence of the manual gearbox five relationships, since this was one of the new features of the model 1989, the last year of production of the 930 Turbo, which was calculated exclusively with transmission of four relationships since I came to the market in 1975.


One of the rare Porsche 930 Turbo five-speed.

This rarity and remarkable state of form made this reaches to the 304.750 euros in this auction.

the curiosity of The event was a 911 Carrera 3.2 Targa Dutch police, a copy of 1989 with the manual gearbox G50, in addition to all the attachments own police vehicle. This model was not unusual in this body of police, who arrived to buy about 500 units of this model.

To do this there was a good reason, because when you have the rear engine air cooled was the ideal vehicle for to be able to back up for several kilometres, as when they were to go out of urgency of a jam in one of the elevated highways of the Netherlands, in which the distance between the different outputs is very high.


One of the hundreds of Porsche 911 employees by the Dutch police.

This copy was restored a few years ago and has all the original equipment of the police force, reaching a price of 109.250 € in the appointment belgian.