The Porsche 911 turbo and sweeps Nürburgring

7 minutes and 34 seconds . It is time to set the Porsche 911 Carrera S to circle the Nordschleife, now equipped with a motor 3.0 six-cylinder boxer turbo and 420 hp . The same power enjoyed by the Porsche 996 Turbo least 20 years. Times have evolved rapidly, and the 911 range is poised to lose the air permanently. But for now, let’s focus on analyzing the time that has marked around the Green Hell, we are told from Autocar.

is four seconds faster than the Carrera S engine with atmospheric back.

A time that highlights the 20 hp and 100 Nm Turbocharge reclaimed its thrusters. Where once there was a 3.8 direct injection boxer with 400 hp, there is now a 3.0 twin-turbo direct injection 420 hp. Its features give much respect: it is capable of do the 0-100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds, reaching 308 km / h top speed . The performance based gain with respect to the previous naturally aspirated engine Carrera S is evident in his lap time to Nürburgring is 4 seconds faster


Porsche_911_2016_DM_4 The development of the car has also improved, thanks to having adaptive suspension PASM standard. Recoveries are also higher with turbocharged high torque , as well as opening the door to the coaches, they can more easily enhance this engine. The time of the new Porsche 911 Carrera S is only a second higher than a Porsche 911 GT3 RS of the previous generation with carbonocerámicos brakes, highlighting advances in engine and chassis developed by Porsche .

Just awesome. Although we have no video yet, Autocar confirms that this time is official. But there is still much room for improvement. If a “simple” Carrera S does better than a Lexus LFA or a Ferrari 458 Italia time, AWD version could be even faster . I’m sure Porsche will gradually updating its current range to 991 facelift, so the 911 Turbo (yes, with capital letters) can be galactically fast. And it remains to be seen if it launches a GT2 RS .

porsche-911-100 Because that would be a perfect finale, I doubt that we will see at least until 2017, when Porsche is already thinking about the next generation of 911. By the time we enjoy today.

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