The Porsche Cayenne in offroad mode, on asphalt, dirt or snow, never to


The circuit of Grandvalira at 2,400 meters of altitude, it was the scenario of our test on ice

Open roads has always been the work of a chosen few. In the world of motorsports they have a great weight not only in industry but also within the brand itself. Porsche, and the rest of the world, we owe it to the Cayenne a well-deserved respect. Thanks to him, the Stuttgart are not only still alive, but lives its period of greatest expansion.

The great Ferry Porsche already warned the world 30 years before the arrival of the first Cayenne that if Porsche made an suv and pull it out to the sale the public would buy it. And what if it did. The Cayenne builds up in their two generations and 15 years of life over 726,000 units sold around the world. To give you an idea, each day are sold in the world 133 units. If that is not a success, what is?

The fact is that despite being a model surrounded by that golden special, the Cayenne was born in the most critical moment in the history of Porsche. in the late 90’s the brand was in a deep economic crisis. The SUV began to flourish and the need officials gave the nod to a revolutionary project. It was the year 1998 when it began the development of the Porsche Cayenne. The “third” Porsche, its first SUV.

The Cayenne is to Porsche as the iPod to Apple. A revolutionary product and savior

The hard work of the team of designers, engineers and developers dragged on for four years. Hundreds of thousands of kilometres travelled by the entire world, including Spain, in Bassella, Lérida, completed a work which closed the mouths of many critics that they could not have imagined a Porsche of that caliber. What we saw for the first time at the Paris Salon in 2002, where it obviously unleashed the madness.


With the passing of the years the Cayenne has been stylizing your silhouette little by little

the rest of the story is well known. We have already mentioned the figures that the Cayenne handles throughout its life. And for more inri its commercial life has been punctuated by the biggest financial crisis in history at the global level. A merit that we must not overlook. Now, despite his fame, the Cayenne is a complete unknown in terms of capacities and possibilities.

Porsche defines it as the “car full” and although that statement is a bit unfair for the beloved Porsche 911, the truth is that the Cayenne is able to do everything, and every good. It is a utility knife. An excellent wheeler, a humillador “false tuneros” a nimble off-roader and a family car. All in the same vehicle.

we Already had a slight notion of its capabilities, a couple of years ago in the presentation of the restyling. At that time we were impressed with the capabilities offroad of Cayenne, but they have been in a child’s play compared to what these days we have lived by the lleida regions where we carried out part of its development.

And is that despite its size, volume and weight, the Cayenne is like a mountain goat. go up hills, climb walls, low gorges and faces obstacles as if you would like all. Neither its size, nor its volume, nor his weight will slow down and even scare you in some other time. You will not see many Cayenne confront something more than half a centimeter of land, but that you may know that in terms of off-road capability is just such a Range Rover is able to equal him. In the premium market, obviously.


A picture is worth a thousand words. The Cayenne is facing all regardless of anything

And that in some way it puts me in a great sadness. Do you know the people that purchase at the time of get hold of a Cayenne? No, I don’t know. Obviously the average shopper of a Cayenne known to purchase a excellent car, but I don’t think that you know, beyond the 10% of the same, and it’s a shame. It is one of the cars most neglected on the market. And that’s not especially cheap.

ignorance is a bad advisor in this life, and sure that many have heard: “puff sure that this swallows a lot of” Well, not as much as you could imagine, and above all, what compared with what? A Cayenne Diesel, which is purchased all over the world, may well be marked about consumption that reaches about 7-7,5 liters, and an S E-Hybrid homologous 3.4 liters. A burner that we have already put to the test in their time. If you think weighs the same as the province of Soria, which has awd and has 262 HP as a minimum, the perspective changes.

Since its launch the Cayenne has increased its power to 26% while reducing consumption by 36%

So climbs which wild animal, and consumes that utility driven merry way, what more things you know how to do the Cayenne? Do you run? Yeah, also he does so with great ease. If you look at the technical specifications of the various versions of the Cayenne that exist, you find that in the worst case the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is 7.3 seconds. Well below a saloon media. But it is in the best of all of them, the Cayenne Turbo S, the clock in 4.1 seconds. The same time as a 911 Carrera GTS.


Whether on asphalt, dirt or snow, the tire should always accompany you to the car

As I have already said, in Stuttgart we have a lot of appreciation to the Cayenne, and it is not for less. Few cars throughout history can say they have saved a company. The Cayenne is to Porsche as the iPod to Apple. It came when they most needed him and I get which lifeboat. Porsche is what it is today thanks to the Cayenne. Neither more nor less.

The money that you have earned selling it to the length and breadth of the planet has allowed that to day of today we can see seven different models of Porsche, with 20 different versions of the legendary 911. Thanks to him we have the Porsche 918 Spyder, return to the WEC, and a myriad of projects that in a few years will become a reality. The Cayenne has been given a present and a future Porsche.

But the germans can not stay stopped, and even if you already have a product round, you must move forward and overcome. The Cayenne has to improve things. The main list includes a drastic reduction in weight, more modern and a technology of last generation. That is to say, just what has happened with the Porsche Panamera. And, of course, all of this without touching a single one of the qualities that you already treasure.

The project is on track. Still takes a few months to meet you. We have already seen in some time, and as already happened with the previous generations is currently being tested in the world. In this third-generation Porsche also will leverage to launch a coupe version to which we have also been able to take a look. Will be especially dedicated to those who prioritize the design, that is to say the postureo, above all.


An image that you will not see very often. A Cayenne stained with mud up to the top

we do Not doubt that Porsche will continue to sell the Cayenne with simplicity. In Spain, their prices start from 80,000 euros. It is a lot of money, and that’s why every customer should know what he takes home. It is more than a simple SUV, something more than a Porsche, something more than a good car.