The Porsche Cayenne sets a Guinness record by towing an Airbus A380 [video]

The Porsche Cayenne S Diesel 385 HP managed to set a new Guinness record, when towing an Airbus A380 of 285 tons of weight.

Andl Volkswagen Group again attempt a new record, then make the Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI remolcara a Boeing 747 in the year 2010. Now, the German firm turned to a model of Porsche to try to beat a new Guinness record, on this occasion with the Cayenne.

The british division of Porsche sent the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, two units of off-road German, a Cayenne S Diesel and Cayenne Turbo S gas, to tackle the biggest passenger aircraft of today; the Airbus A380 is 73 meters long and 285 tons weight.

The vehicles are totally serial, without any type of modifications, a requirement necessary to achieve compliance with the protocols of the Guinness book. For the test, which took place in one of the hangars of Air France, used a rod of a standard trailer, to the that you are assured accessory trailer special to be able to snag the plane.

The Cayenne S Diesel, with its 385 HP and 850 Nm maximum torque able to move the huge Airbus, which managed to move over a distance of 45 metres, making a new Guinness record. As well, the previous best record in a similar test was pulverized by the off-road German.