The Porsche classic will have spare parts thanks to 3D printing

As would a lord of a century ago, the 3D printing it seemed like witchcraft when it appeared as a reality to be plausible a few years ago. However, the evolution of the technique is such that using this novel method, we can obtain large number of parts and elements. In addition, he has helped many technology companies to carve out a future, because a large part of our future will pass by this type of technology.

automotive sector will not be alien to him, as brands such as Porsche Classic are already taking advantage of this production technique. In this case, and as has been communicated to the division of vehicles of the company’s classics from Stuttgart, are using 3D printing to manufacture certain spare parts for their models more veterans and that for some reason were not present in your list of references.

This productive system, is beginning to emerge as a solution fast, efficient and economic to obtain spare parts which assemble a lot of models and limited editions that throughout its 70 years has been Porsche. To do this, using materials such as metal or plastic can create pieces exact to the original, as the technology used by resorts to the use of laser, which helps the accuracy is in the millimetre range.

however, Porsche Classic has confirmed that this method of working will only be used for the manufacture of those parts that cannot be manufactured in the traditional way. To do this, the German firm still has much of the machinery used for the manufacture of thousands of parts, and which are still active for the brand. Therefore, we will keep this channel of spare parts only for those models more rare and exclusive of the more complex parts.

Has today, Porsche Classic has already made up nine different components using this technique, besides counting with multiple orders for the manufacture of many other references. With everything, and thanks to the use of 3D printing, the German firm already has a list of references that exceeds 50 thousand units and continues to grow as time passes.

finally, it is noteworthy that this branch of the business of Porsche is one of the most lucrative and profitable, because according to the brand for more than 70 percent of the models manufactured throughout its history are active, and as is normal and logical, will always require spare parts to stay in top form. A business very, very round.

Source – Porsche

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