The Porsche electric Mission-E will be produced in series

The Porsche Mission-And it will become a reality in a period of close to four years. The German brand will invest heavily to expand its plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, which will allow the production of what will be his first car 100% electric.

Porsche-Mission-ELhome of Stuttgart confirmed that Porsche Mission-E will be produced in series towards the end of the decade. This is a prototype presented in Frankfurt this year, which will transform into the first electric vehicle of the brand and that ensure is transformed into the product that ‘open a new chapter in the history of sports car’.

The Porsche Mission-E is an all-electric vehicle, equipped with electric motors dual that generate a combined power of over 600 horsepower. This power allows you to speed up of 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in less than 12 seconds. It also has four wheel drive and a system of four-wheel guidelines.

Another of his qualities is related to the charging of the batteries, that can be charged to 80% in an approximate time of 15 minutes, enough to power travel about 400 kilometers.

To carry the Mission-And to production, Porsche will invest 700 million euros in its plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, aiming at a new assembly plant and a new plant of painting. On the other hand, the current engine factory will be enlarged because it must be adapted for the production of electric motors, at the same time that there will be additional investments in other areas, which include the development center in Weissach.

All this will mean the creation of 1,000 new jobs, which in itself is a very good news. Its arrival to the market would take place by 2020.