The Porsche Mission E concept shows the future of Porsche electric

With 600 horsepower and a range of 500 kilometers, the Mission E concept leaves us pry into the future of electric Porsche and perhaps shows us the future Panamera.


Porsche-Mission-E-concept-1 P Porsche let us take a look at the immediate future, thanks to the prototype Mission E concept today unveiled before its official debut tomorrow in the Frankfurt Motor Show . It is a car power that could pave the way for the next electric sports and given its four-door configuration, so could represent the appearance of the next generation of Panamera .

Aesthetically, this conceptual design work drinks the last 911 and 918 Spyder, with the front headlamps equipped with LED array with four lights that characterize the brand. The doors are automatic opening, giving access to the passenger compartment with four seats.

The instrument panel is typically Porsche, although in this case the clocks are not analog, but in a virtual representations curved OLED .

includes technologies that follow the movement of the driver’s eyes, while several interior functions are operated by gesture controls , instead of direct contact with the screen.


600 hp, autonomy of 500 km and 15 minutes to charge the electric Porsche.

Under the hood provides a mechanism that produces 600 horsepower , thanks to its two electric motors, similar to those used by 919 LMP1 Le Mans . With this engine, the Porsche Mission E , which also has four-wheel drive, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3.5 seconds and reach 200 kilometers per hour in just 12 seconds.

With a single charge of the batteries, which are located on the floor between the axles, it can travel 500 kilometers, while can achieve 80 percent of your batteries in only 15 minutes , thanks to the use of a system of 800 volts, which anyway is still compatible with fast charging stations 400 volts. It also has wireless inductive load .

Still Porsche has not provided information about what your weight, but using a mixture of aluminum, steel and carbon fiber reinforced polymers , plus the location of the batteries, be sure to be helping to achieve low center of gravity . In turn, the 21-inch wheels are made up in carbon fiber , helping to maintain its low weight.

With Porsche Panamera has failed to comply with the provisions of the brand, this conceptual work could also serve as an exercise to have an indication of where could target the next generation model.



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