The Porsche Panamera 2016 is hinted at once more in spy photos

more than a year Ago that we learned for the first time that the Panamera was the beginning of the path of renewal. Throughout this time we have been observing changes in the different test models, and has once again been discovered. The Porsche Panamera 2016 not see the light of day until the Geneva motor show next year. Just a few months.


Silhouette similar to the current one, though with notable changes in various sections

Aesthetically, we see how they have introduced few changes in the design. It is not usual route of the German manufacturers vary in excess of one generation with another, and that is something that will be extensible to the new Panamera. There will be changes, yes, but not many. For example, in we see new lights, both in front and behind, new bumper and new tailgate, that yes, without losing the characteristic line coupe has always done gala.

In the interior, we will continue with the same policy of minor changes, we have already seen in previous occasions. The general structure of the dashboard and the console are kept, although it is remarkable, the loss of buttons on the centre tunnel, one of the great defects on the Porsche Panamera. Everything seems to become more simple, but it is not your technology that will be improved in all aspects.

waiting for the introduction of assistance systems of last generation, even some that we have not yet seen. To these must be added devices that will improve the ride comfort and safety. On this last point it is worth mentioning the fact of the incursion of LED technology for exterior lighting and rear lights with 3D effect.

In terms of mechanics we do not doubt that the Panamera 2016 will continue wearing the proud engines of large displacement and great power of Porsche. All the mechanics will be revised to conform to the strictest standards of emissions, making the pair an adjustment in consumption means.


The rear lights use LED technology with three-dimensional effect

Of all units that are about to come, the most efficient and remarkable will be the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, which we have also seen. There is currently a hybrid in the range, but on this occasion to improve the behavior of the system, in addition to giving a greater electrical autonomy thanks to a few batteries of new generation with increased storage capacity.