The Porsche Panamera shown in another teaser and promises to be a record

Porsche Panamera teaserAlready missing less so that we can know to the second generation of the Porsche Panamera. Now the brand of Stuttgart throws us another teaser in the form of video that will show the shapes of the vehicle, but without revealing many details. What if it reveals the intentions of the new Panamera, as they claim that it will become the “luxury saloon faster on the Earth”. The truth is that promises.

The video takes place in the circuit Nürburgring and also mentions the word ‘record’, so we can expect the new sedan to make a good time giving the back to the mythical path. Visually we did not get to see much of the Panamera, although in the end we get to hear the roar of your engine. What is more likely is that the version Turbo S, the most powerful of its range.

Although there are still no details about its range of engines, it is expected that this Panamera Turbo S take a V8 biturbo 4.0-liter, to replace the current V8 of 4.8 liters with 570 HP. Below you would also come a twin-turbo V6 2.9-liter and the other with a 3.6-liter. In addition in Europe could be marketed a V8 diesel. It is expected that in the future also get a version hybrid plug-in of the sedan.

On the exterior aspect we can’t yet say much, because there are few details that we have. Should I follow a storyline and at the same time, enter , some interesting changes. The same goes with their interior, where it is expected that quality is maintained and improved its technology. In any case, we’ll have to wait until the 28th June, when he will make his international debut at 20:10 hours.

Source – Porsche

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