The Porsche Panamera will be able to have a system of sound 3D Burmester

Porsche Panamera sonido 3D Burmester Porsche Panamera has been one of the releases so far this year. The second generation of the sedan German is presented with a renewed and dynamic image, as well as the latest in technological equipment. Its interior is noted for its new instrumentation, call Porsche Advanced Cockpit. Although it has not yet reached the market, the brand announces that you can equip a system sound 3D Burmester.

will Be offered optionally to all those that are more demanding with the sound in their vehicles. It is a sophisticated system that uses the technique of processing Auro 3D and you get a total of 1.455 watts of power. It does so through no less than eight amplifiers and 21 speaker that are to be distributed throughout the interior of the sedan. Ideal to turn the Panamera into a concert hall worthy of the best concerts.

Porsche Panamera sonido 3D Burmesterdistribution is eight bass speakers, three media, two wide bands, seven tweeters for the treble and subwoofer located in the trunk. Running at full capacity are able to issue up to 126 decibels, more than what I should withstand your ears. The advantage is that the sound can be directed only to a seat or to the area that we want. In addition, we announce a high-quality and clean sound.

This is achieved with a technology that Burmester called “Air Motion Transformer“, which improves the clarity and sharpness of the sound. Also it will increase the quality of both the hands as free of satellite navigation, even reduce the existing noise in the digital radio. The price in Germany of the system sound 3D Burmester is 6.747 euros for the Porsche Panamera 4S and 4S Diesel, and 5.331 € for the Panamera Turbo.

Source – Motor1

Porsche Panamera sonido 3D Burmester
Porsche Panamera sonido 3D Burmester

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