The Power Stage and the output order of the WRC to review


the calendar of The WRC and the format of the category WRC2 seemed to be the two major changes that the promoter of the World Championship Rallies and the FIA wanted to accomplish going into the season 2017, but it seems that the reviving spirit does not end there. Thanks to the twitterer Gary Boyd and the first version of the ‘Rally Guide’ of the Monte carlo Rally, we have been able to see there is also provided a remarkable modification in the Power Stage, last stage of each rally, which grants a number of bonus points to the fastest drivers of the special.

can Be expected as the World Council of the Motor of the FIA to check if this change takes place, but according to the annotations in the ‘Rally Guide’ of the Monte carlo Rally, in 2017, the Power Stage will deliver extra points to the five fastest riders. With a visible clarification of ‘again in 2017,’, the document associated with the first test of the season mark the difference with the current format, since up to the date the Power Stage only throw extra points to the three fastest riders. In principle it is expected that the points to deal to be 5-4-3-2-1.

With this measure it is expected that more pilots involved in the battle for these extra points from the Power Stage, the whole time with the current format there are riders that prefer not to take risks in the final special of the rally if they have a good result. In turn, there will also be a change in the order system output. Just as well with the format of ‘anti-Ogier’ in which the leader opened up the track for two stages to pass to a format in which the leader opens the track on Friday and we resort to the reverse order of the priority drivers and the classification of the rally for Saturday and Sunday.