The preparation on the Mustang GT that Ford threatens to sue


The aesthetic result is spectacular.

The SEMA Show 2016 closed its doors a few days ago but its echo still resonates among the media. One of the stories that most rivers of ink has been raised has been that of the controversy emerged with the creation of the workshop and Zero to 60 Designs. This specialist was in Las Vegas a preparation on the Ford Mustang sixth generation, which, after the name TWG presented a design that mixed traits of the new Ford GT on the pony car from Ford.

despite the fact that the model at a technical level or finishes does not contribute anything new, the spectacular result of your body getting be reproduced in numerous media outlets, which attracted the attention of the trademark blue oval.

This felt that had their intellectual property rights and what was made known quickly to Zero to 60 Designs, basically amenazandolos with a lawsuit.


The interpretation of the Mustang with the traits of the Ford GT is very eye-catching.

This fact was immediately brought to the attention of the various media, so the story ran like wildfire through the network, Ford became angry and was going to sue the small workshop who had created the hybrid aesthetic between the Mustang and the Ford GT.

These days the workshop has released an official statement clarifying certain points and revealing that for the moment, it is not known if the company of Michigan finally will undertake these actions legal.

The main problem was not that Zero to 60 Designs to employ the traits of the Ford GT in this work, as noted by some media, but the closest resemblance to the original logo TWG with the Ford GT. And on the other hand, the use of the denomination Mustang GTT, instead of the exact name of the workshop, Zero to 60 Designs TWG.


More than 800 HP extracted from the V8 5.0 Coyote Mustang GT.

Really, the workshop californian not used never the name Mustang GTT, at least we have not been able to find any image, text, logo or poster in which it appeared. However, we did find dozens of articles in which the model is defined as a Mustang TWG, we understand that in a casual way and involuntary on the part of the media.

The project of Zero to 60 contemplates the manufacture of a short series of which simply called as 2017 TWG, whose first units will be ready, provided that Ford does not grind to a halt, the project finally, for these same christmas.

Based on the Mustang GT sixth generation, has a profound evolution of the V8 Coyote 5.0-liter, now makes more than 800 HP. The frame has been enhanced with Brembo brakes, suspension elements Eibach Pro Street S and some huge tires HRE 22-inch rims, shod with huge P-Zero Pirelli.