The president of Mitsubishi anticipation of the arrival of a mini SUV electric

Mitsubishi eX ConceptMitsubishi is one of the firms that more is betting on the segment all the way. Perhaps by the extensive experience it has in this segment of the market and the good reputation he has earned in the. Therefore, thanks to the success that is taking the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in the markets in which it is present, from the brand of the three diamonds have raised the launch of a mini SUV electric.

That Mitsubishi is working on a new electric vehicle no one is caught by surprise. But thanks to Osamu Masuko, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), we have been able to know that this new vehicle will be a mini SUV electric, and its release on the market could be scheduled for the year 2020. According to Masuko, would have an electric motor that could achieve a autonomy of around 400 kilometers.

Mitsubishi eX Concept traseraThe new mini SUV electric, employ a high capacity battery located on the floor of the car, providing a low center of gravity. Next to it we would have two small electric motors (located in the front and rear axle). This configuration would allow it to offer traction in both axes without the need of bringing them together by means of a differential mechanical. In addition, it also makes it more lightweight, because the size of each motor can be reduced to a minimum.

On an aesthetic level, Mitsubishi showed the former Concept in the past Hall of Tokyo 2015. With this prototype, the japanese brand ahead how will be the guidelines that you could follow this new model. If we focus on its front, we can recognize the new grill front in the form of X. In the case of the rear, it plays the same X, but with a few ways more baroque. The lateral zone of the body shows a few lines of tension well-marked, noting the fall of the roof in a C-pillar or camouflaged, in order to to simulate a floating roof.

Interior Mitsubishi eX ConceptWith respect to its interior, the Mitsubishi eX Concept presents a distribution of knobs that could go into production without many changes. From this, we can imagine that in the new mini SUV electric the information could be centralized in two screens, one on the steering wheel, and the second in the center console. In addition, the dashboard presents the fair number of controls, making the ergonomics one of its strong points.

let’s Hope that Mitsubishi officially confirmed the arrival of this new mini SUV electric and we may see sooner than later how it will be in your final design.

Source – Mitsubishi