The price of being a coupé: what is the cost difference between a Lexus IS 300h and Lexus RC 300h?

The Lexus RC is the new alternative in the segment of coupes premium, a segment dominated by the Audi A5, the BMW 4 Series and the Mercedes C-Class Coupe. We have already spoken of its price, if it is a good idea to buy it, we have tested (see test of the Lexus RC 300h) but… what is the economic gap in front of the Lexus IS 300h, the sedan from which it is derived?

Lexus has reduced the price of the Lexus IS 300h and can now be yours for little more than 30,000 euros:

Lexus currently markets the Lexus IS 300h with a succulent offer situated in the 30.700 euros, really well-equipped with rear camera, alloy wheels, xenon headlights, climate control, the multimedia system of the brand, light sensors and rain, and access to, comfort with smart key.

in Front of this offer we stumbled upon a Lexus RC 300h by 39.900 euros, 9.200 euros more than the sedan, encountering the same train mechanic and a good endowment of equipment in addition to the above elements we come with the leather upholstery and seats with electrical regulation.

Both models promoted, as being necessary financing with the financial proposal for the brand to meet the advertised price, we propose two interesting proposals against the German hegemony, with bold designs, with the charm of what is different, with engines hybrid (hybrid engine – gasoline 223 horses)…

If we go to BMW we find that economic differences between coupe and sedan in equivalent models is substantially lower, encountering a BMW 320i 184 horsepower per 37.400 euros and a BMW 420i, with the same type of engine, by 40.700 euros.