The price of each point in the Formula 1 2015 – (Pilots)


The Formula 1 manages budgets of infarction, although at times it is easy to see up to what point they ascend. Thanks to the data collected by BleachReport, now we can put numbers to the efforts made by the riders and team throughout the season 2015. How much do you charge each driver per point achieved? How much do you invest each team to get a point? In the first part of this article we are going to analyze the money that has entered each pilot in 2015 for each point harvested in the general classification.

Fernando Alonso is the driver with a higher salary. The spaniard charged eur 35 million per season, and taking into account that the controls of the McLaren MP4-30 has added 11 points, Alonso is also the rider who charges you by the point. More than 3 million euros for each unit added together, while Jenson Button with 625.000 euros per point is not far behind. Your wages one-third lower, makes a difference. Pastor Maldonado with 27 points is the third pilot that best pays off his locker points, while the Ferrari drivers are placed in their wake, despite the high salary that they have Vettel and Räikkönen.

With Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Räikkönen and Nico Rosberg as the drivers are better paid, it can be shown that the experience in Formula 1 will pay, but also that the ‘rookies’ have the ability to write off each point added to their teams with a figure is very small. Without going any further and after being the revelation of 2015, Max Verstappen is the driver who less charged per point. With a salary of 250,000 euros (Carlos Sainz), each point of yours has cost Toro Rosso a little more than 5,000 euros.

Amount per point added in the Formula 1 2015

Pilot Wage* (euro) Points in 2015 Euros per point
Fernando Alonso 35.000.000 11 3.181.818
Jenson Button 10.000.000 16 625.000
Pastor Maldonado 4.000.000 27 148.148
Kimi Räikkönen 18.000.000 150 120.000
Sebastian Vettel 28.000.000 278 100.719
Romain Grosjean 4.000.000 51 78.431
Nico Hülkenberg 4.000.000 58 68.966
Lewis Hamilton 25.000.000 381 65.616
Sergio Pérez 4.000.000 78 51.282
Nico Rosberg 13.500.000 322 41.925
Felipe Massa 4.000.000 121 33.058
Marcus Ericsson 200.000 9 22.222
Daniel Ricciardo 1.500.000 92 16.304
Valtteri Bottas 2.000.000 136 14.706
Carlos Sainz Jr. 250.000 18 13.889
Daniil Kvyat 750.000 95 7.895
Felipe Nasr 200.000 27 7.407
Max Verstappen 250.000 49 5.102
Will Stevens 150.000 0
Roberto Merhi 50.000 0

* The salary of the riders is one of the best kept secrets in the paddock of Formula 1. The data collected belong to the publication Business Book GP. There may be different nuances in accordance to sponsors and sponsors.