The price of each point in the Formula 1 2015 – (Teams)


The Formula 1 manages budgets of infarction, although at times it is easy to see up to what point they ascend. Thanks to the data collected by BleachReport, now we can put numbers to the efforts made by the riders and team throughout the season 2015. How much do you charge each driver per point achieved? How much do you invest each team to get a point? In the second part of this article we are going to analyze the money that has been spent by each team in 2015 for each point harvested in the constructors.

Mercedes is one of the teams with more budget, that more points has added up and the less money spent per point gained. Despite the overwhelming budget of 467 million euros, the fact that you have added 703 thanks to the good work of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, as well as of the superiority of his car, has served the firm to Stuttgart to spend ‘only’ 664.000 euros per point achieved. Williams with a budget nearly three times more required to invest 725.000 euros for each point added.

Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren-Honda and Ferrari are the four teams with budgets above € 400 million, but the accounts will not come out all the same. Actually, Ferrari spends almost € 1 million per point added, Red Bull remains at 2.5 million and the McLaren beats the record of 2015. McLaren-Honda needs to 17.2 million euros for each point. A figure far too highly priced that lies in the ridiculous amount of points (27) and have the third higher budget of the grill. It is clear that in Woking they need to sell many supercars to be able to do in the face of such and negative profitability.

point cost added in the Formula 1 2015

Pilot Budget* (euro) Points in 2015 Euros per point
McLaren-Honda 465.000.000 27 17.222.222
Sauber 103.250.000 67 2.868.055
Red Bull 468.700.000 187 2.506.417
Toro Rosso 137.450.000 67 2.051.492
Lotus 139.100.000 78 1.783.333
Ferrari 418.000.000 428 976.635
Force India 129.700.000 136 953.676
Williams 186.400.000 257 725.291
Mercedes 467.400.00 703 664.864
Manor 83.000.000 0

* The budgets of the riders is one of the best kept secrets in the paddock of Formula 1. The data collected belong to the publication Business Book GP. There may be different nuances in accordance to sponsors and sponsors.