The price of the new generation of World Rally Cars


The Monte carlo Rally will be the starting point of an era
in the World of Rallies that will be starring the World Rally Cars of
new generation
. Vehicles more powerful, broad, radical and also more
. A factor to keep in mind as emphasised by the co
‘The Red Bulletin’, a magazine that has since price of the new vehicles
they will reign in the sections
of the WRC. Although the data are variable to the root of the effort of each
manufacturer, Citroën, M-Sport, Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen have been spent between
600,000 and 900,000 euros for each World rally Car

You could say that this is the minimum amount for which a
manufacturer -or a private computer-put a World Rally Car in competition, but
the reality is very different. In the first place because each manufacturer competes
with three World Rally Car, plus that behind each program is
construction of a total of 9 chassis
, and as permitted by the technical regulations of the
FIA this season. At the end, each brand will build approximately ten World Rally Cars
full to cope with the calendar of the WRC with guarantees, to which we must add a volume of spare parts to rebuild almost every unit from scratch.


With an average amount of 750,000 euros for each World Rally
Car manufactured, a production volume of ten units and a wide range of
spare parts, the invoice does not stop growing. It is estimated that the new World Rally
Cars have a cost of 400 euros per kilometre in competition, to which there is
to add the development and evolution of new components. In the end, the
construction of each World Rally Car, homologation, maintenance and
evolution, in addition to the cost of the logistics of putting it in competition throughout the
season raises the budget by car to a figure close to 10 million
, or that are estimated with the Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017 in private hands.

Perhaps seeing these figures, that they are not even broken down
to the perfection, we can understand lhe efforts that are taking place
Citroën Racing, M-Sport, Hyundai Motorsport and Toyota Gazoo Racing
to compete
as manufacturers in the World Rally, in the same way also
explain the problems you are having Volkswagen Motorsport for the compliance of
its Polo R WRC 2017 and transferring it to a private computer. In fact, it is estimated that each
World Rally Car will have a retail price of 500,000 euros
once the
manufacturer may decide to sell your vehicle to a private computer after use.

Cost of a World Rally Car of new generation

  • Body: to £ 50,000 + up to 200 hours of labor.
  • Transmission: 80.000 € (external supply).
  • Motor: 200.000 €. Process optimization external or internal according to manufacturer.
  • Chassis: 120.000 €. Custom design and redesigns permanent.
  • Wheels and tires: 5.000 € for each game. Different types according to surface.
  • aerodynamic Kit: 30.000 €. Budget increase in 2017.
  • Electronic: 70.000 €. With wiring and control units including.
  • Brakes: 16.000 € for each game.
  • interior Equipment: 14.000 €. Steering wheel, harnesses, seats, and other items.
  • labor: 100.000 €. Assembly, painting, calibration.