The price of the Renault Talisman is already official, and boots from 24,000 euros

This year Renault has wanted to renew his bet for the segment of sedans mid-size. To do this, in place of rejuvenating the Lake, what they have done is a completely new car. This just arrived in Spain, making official the selling prices of the Renault Talisman.


the design of The Talisman represents the new DNA of the aesthetic of the French brand

The new bet French will to fight in a very segment dominated by the German brands and some competitors French. To achieve the face so hard rivalry, Renault has prepared a model very worked up that includes a great design, excellent habitability, a good dose of technology, and a quality never before seen in the brand’s diamond.

The range will be scaled into four levels: Life, Intens, Zen and Initiale Paris. The difference between them lies in the amount of technology available in the equipment database, the associated motors and in different combinations of design. On this last point to say that Renault has provided a palette with 10 different colors, being able to choose wheels of between 16 and 19 inches.

Among the equipment highlights from all we can find elements such as the Head-Up Display, a huge central screen of eight inches associated with the new system of infotainment R-Link, team high-quality sound system signed by Bose, and a wide range of security devices, both passive and active that will make the Renault Talisman is one of the safer cars on the market.

In the section mechanical there will be five engines to choose from, two of them petrol and three diesel. powers ranging between 110 and 200 horses. Generally you will see a manual change of six speeds, although you may opt for a change EDC seven-speed. This last of the series in some versions mechanical.


it Is rumored that Mercedes has overseen the inner quality of the Talisman

it will Also be possible to associate the mechanics of a system of all-wheel drive of Renault 4Control. This has the distinction of having four-wheel steering to improve handling and extend the security in the case of track slip. Something that also can look the Renault Talisman Sport Tourer.

Prices Renault Talisman

finally there is talk of price. The Talisman can already book at the official dealer of the brand. The first units expected to be delivered early in the new year. price of Renault Talisman for the Spanish market start from € 24,000, including discounts, VAT, taxes and transport.

Model and versión Acabado Precio
Renault Talisman Energy dCi 110 Life € 24,000
Renault Talisman Energy dCi 110 Intens 26.200 euro
Renault Talisman Energy dCi 130 Intens 27.800 euro
Renault Talisman Energy dCi 130 EDC Intens 29.400 eur
Renault Talisman Energy dCi 130 Zen 30.300 euros
Renault Talisman Energy Tec 150 EDC Intens 30.600 euros
Renault Talisman Energy dCi 130 EDC Zen 31.900 eur
Renault Talisman Energy dCi 160 Twin-Turbo EDC Zen 33.100 €
Renault Talisman Energy Tec 150 EDC Zen 33.100 €
Renault Talisman Energy TCe 200 EDC – Zen 35.100 €
Renault Talisman Energy dCi 160 Twin-Turbo EDC Initiale Paris to 39,000 euros


you can make reservations, but the first units will not be delivered until January