The production of the Ford Focus RS500 could be in danger

ford-focus-rs500-3p-movimientoThe current Ford Focus RS is a vehicle dreamed of and desired by many. Who would not like to have in your garage a compact wheel drive with 350 hp and a great look? Sure that most of you will not mind, at least if you do give it away. This sport version is having a great success, and the references that reach the ears of all are very good in most cases.

In the previous generations Ford Focus RS, unlike this fourth-generation, alternative more radical was very powerful but all lenergy of the propellant to be distributed only between the two front wheels, which is not allowed to take advantage of all the power and torque especially in curves, twisty and acceleration from very low speed. Even the limited edition Focus RS500 to the third generation, with its 350 hp, sent all the power to the front axle.

wheel drive allows the Ford Focus RS to transmit all your power to the asphalt. In the course of Ford Focus RS500 (or similar) that the brand was developing, also would be this effective system of traction; and we say “developing” because the latest information appears to be that of time the project of the Focus RS500 could be found in the “stand by”; despite that, in June, the company was in full development and already we could sense that rozaría 400 hp to try to become the compact sports car fastest in the market.

Ford Focus RS 500

Ford Focus RS500

According to Coach and its putative source (of which the half has not wanted to mention origin), the company blue oval may have crippled the development of this compact end for a possible cannibalization of sales in the united States with the latest versions sporting the Mustang. Is it something in the least, it strange because although it is true that the mark not confirmed that the Ford Focus RS500 would be a limited edition to 500 units as in the previous generation, all we knew instinctively that yes, and this statement Coach makes us think that Ford would have been developing the Focus RS500 for a great production.

In any case, something doesn’t add up and we can think of three options. The first is that Ford would have thought of producing the Focus RS500 without being a limited edition extradeportiva, that is to say, being a model of great roll. If so what account Coach might have some sense. The second option that we considered is that Ford actually yes I would like to launch the RS500 as a limited edition to gain exclusivity and brand image, but has realized that the development costs don’t end up entering in the budget and that would be difficult to monetize. The third idea that comes to mind with these statements of the average british is that everything is a hoax and that it really has not been any novelty about it.

Source – Coach