The production of the next Jeep Wrangler will begin in November

Jeep Wrangler

Many fans have been waiting for news of the Jeep Wrangler since it was revealed that the successor would arrive in 2017. And the new generation of the suv is already brewing with the internal code ‘JL’. Although we still don’t know what it looks like, it seems that his production will begin in November. This has been confirmed by the president of the trade union United Auto Workers Local 12 , Bruce Baumhower.

apparently the factory of Toledo, Ohio (united States), will be closed partially six months to leave everything ready for the arrival of the new model. From April to commence preparations that include the transfer of the production of the Jeep Cherokee to the plant in Belvidere (Illinois). The current generation Wrangler (JK) is expected to continue without interruption until march of 2018.

Jeep Wrangler

This means that the current generation and the next will co-exist for at least five months. With the new occurring from November and until march, there will be a time for you to go adapting the production. Because it seems that there will be plenty of changes between one and the other, recently I had as the new generation will use the aluminum in some areas to reduce your weight.

What is certain is that the next Jeep Wrangler is closer to and shortly we will begin to learn more details of the off-road. Its official presentation could take place in the mid of 2017, although there is still no confirmation on the part of the brand. If the production starts in November, their sales pluck in the next year, 2018.

Source – Toledo Blade

Jeep Wrangler

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