The program cars, Fifth Gear is just, according to Tiff Needell

Fifth GearFifth Gear is a program car british, the rival more direct Top Gear. In Spain there has never been a program so well known, perhaps because it is less spectacular than Top Gear, although in contrast, it is a program car much more serious and rigorous. Fifth Gear began its journey as the 5th Gear in the year 2002, after that in 2001 Top Gear original was cancelled. The expiloto Tiff Needell initiated this program as a producer and presenter just a year before Top Gear went back to the small screen with Jeremy Clarkson as the main protagonist.

After the cancellation of Top Gear in 2001, Fifth Gear is turned in a split of the program because of the fact that, the presenters came from Top Gear. Now everything points to 14 years later, Fifth Gear will not continue in the television. This news comes just when it is at the fall of the new Top Gear, Chris Evans, and the series on Amazon Prime called The Grand Tour, which reunites the charismatic cast of the second stage of Top Gear.

Tiff Needell

Tiff Needell

The presented of Fifth Gear, has unveiled the cancellation of the program through the Twitter social network, with three messages each time have left more and more clear the situation. In his first intervention has highlighted the bizarre situation of not having any date of shooting in his diary after 29 consecutive years between Top Gear and Fifth Gear. In the second message said that you had been enjoying so much of the Mille Miglia these days that we have forgotten that the episode to be aired this Friday will be the last of Fifth Gear. Finally, he made allusion to the lack of funding, which seems to be the main reason for the cancellation of the program.

over the years, Tiff Needell has always been accompanied by Vicki Butler-Henderson and at various stages have been part of the program to other presenters as Jonny Smith, Jason Plato, Quentin Willson, Adrian Simpson and Tom Ford. This is not the first cancellation of Fifth Gear, in 2009 the program was cancelled by Channel 5, although in the end the program continued until our days. The question still remains in the air and can to that last time Fifth Gear is saved from the burning.

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