The project of Gabura promises us a BMW i8 with a V8 engine 800 HP

BMW i8 V8 GaburaSince the presentation of the prototype of the BMW i8 many wondered what would be the engine housed under the skin of the sporty futuristic. The problem is, that it not so, is that BMW has integrated its sports in the bosom of the family BMW i, where the electrical are warranty. As well, the BMW i8 came with a mechanical electric and a gasoline engine three-cylinder, a combination that opened up a new future. Not in vain, many are still wondering why there is not a good V8 under the hood.

The coach Gabura has made this same question and wants to give response. He has presented his project of putting a V8 engine source BMW under the hood of the i8, but it will do so in a special way. It will be much more powerful than the standard car and does not maintain the same philosophy, but it could become the BMW i8 in terms of benefits.

BMW i8 V8 GaburaGabura going to put a motor V8 4.4-liter biturbo, the same that we find in units like the BMW M5 or M6. The issue is that you want to put it in in the front, thus eliminating the character of sports of the central engine of the i8 original. We do not know if in any way the preparer wants to keep a part of the electric propulsion system, but it does not seem to be the case. Along with the new engine should go in a new gear box sequential.

another novelty focuses on the power. While the 4.4 V8 is yielding up to 600 horses, the trainer has planned to give a new life. Want to increase its power output to around 800 horsepower, a work that will be in charge of nothing less than Alpine. In short, a project that goes beyond mere performance.

The BMW i8 of Gabura with a V8 engine is a project that is still growing. Since you are testing configurations for the engine, and it should not be precisely easy to put a V8 in the hole in the front of the i8. On the other hand, the low weight of the car and the new power will make him a true supercar. We will have to wait to see the new numbers of performance to meet the sure to be the BMW i8 faster.

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