The project of Movistar F1 has not had the expected success

Equipo de MOvistarF1As you know, Telefónica, through Movistar, has purchased the rights to broadcast the F1 and its uniqueness from this 2016. This would make sure that no other platform could broadcast the championship in open or of payment in Spain, which allows them to monopolize the audience of this sport. This would help you to get clients and to force them to hire certain services in addition to the engine block to be able to see the Formula 1.

When we announced the exclusivity in Movistar F1, there were many comments from users outraged that they were protesting at the movement that had made the phone company of spain. In addition, not only force you to pay if you want to see the F1, but also excluded from the right to see the F1 to many people who cannot afford to pay for the service based on the supporting Movistar TV, fiber optics, since it is not present in all the national territory or much less.

Mensaje en la web oficial donde prometen no interrumpir la emisión

Message on the official website where you promise not to interrupt the broadcast.

Some sources, such as TheBestF1, were advised that the hearing was not for anything good, despite having made numerous rebates price, and finally you have set it at€ 10 extra to hire the package of channels of the engine, that is to say, Movistar F1 and Movistar Moto GP. It is estimated that only 39,000 people saw the first race live and about 40,000 more on a deferred basis when the repeated mid-day. That compared with thousands of spectators from Antenna 3 or the 10 million in the years that Alonso won the world is very little.

Other have also complained of the presenter, with a language little suited, at least in the first GP and with constant errors that continue, being saved by Pedro Martínez de la Rosa and Joan Villadelprat. Also had criticism for Antonio Lobato, but that F1 was free and now you pay for having a quality… And speaking of Lobato, also complained about Twitter the ads they put on Movistar F1. Does advertising on a pay channel that promises to give you the race with no cuts? Yes, split-screen, and that on their own website, they promise not to interrupt…