The project X6H give life to the next generation Fiat Punto

In Brazil ensure that the new generation Fiat Punto already been approved. Denominated in internal code X6H new Punto will be produced in Betim and may also officiate as a substitute Palio.

X 6H is the internal code chosen by Fiat to name who will be the substitute Fiat Punto . This is the next generation model for Mercosur and other emerging markets, which hit the market by 2016 and will produced in the Brazilian plant Betim for the entire region.

They say the new generation of the Fiat Punto has already been approved by FCA.

There are no precise details, but hatchback could be based on both platform B-Wide using the Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade or the Mini Evo using the Panda and 500 . However, according to the Brazilian indicating Cars Segredos site, the product has already been approved by the board of directors Fiat Chrysler Automobiles , to the point that ensures the stage prior to production the first pre-series units, it is set for June next year.

In the coming months will take place the beginning of the durability tests with the first prototypes of X6H, with the target set to start marketing towards the end of next year or early 2017 .

The same site claims that under the hood, the point will have a renovated GSE engine of the new series Global Small Engin and, in versions of 3 or 4 cylinders , with a higher power to 100 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque. He also will be offered with the drive 1.8 E.torQ EVO , which recently premiered at the new Jeep Renegade produced in Brazil and has a performance superior to the 130 horses force.

What is not clear is whether this project has something to do with sedan will serve as a substitute for Linea, which was already announced to debut in a few days more in the Motor Istanbul and of which first became known photographic progress. Furthermore it is unclear whether the new Punto will keep its name or whether arrive to Europe.

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